Who am I?

Hello interested reader!

I’m excited but also blushing as someone wants to know a little bit about me. Just me. Can you imagine? They should make a Wikipedia page about me, oh no even better, a documentary. Wait, I wander off didn’t I? Well, I am Karlijn and I’m a Dutch woman and I am 23 years young. With just a length of 1,50 meter I belong to the tiny people of the world (talk about being unique). I love to bake, swim, dance and sing, but I cannot say I am that good in all of them. I also, suprise, love to write and therefore Klein&Karlijn exists since 29 March 2014. I write when I like to and they range from reviews, recipes and travelling to beauty, fashion & daily life.



In the future I hope to make money by being a scientist and even hope to win the Nobel Prize one day. This big dream comes closer and closer as I’m a master student at the University of Twente. With that, I believe I have told enough. Wait, you wanna know more? Well, you can find out more about me by following this blog or by leaving a reaction in the comments (I love having comments more than having followers so you know what you have to do!).

Have a lovely day & who knows we meet each other in the comment section,





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